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We did not start out as an ‘assessment company’ but were motivated to create the Marketing Readiness Diagnostic (MRD) in response to a significant unmet need we saw within our clients. We bring a practitioner’s perspective to the MRD due to our strong marketing/commercial background and perspective regarding readiness issues & performance management.

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I was the global head of marketing for a large European medical diagnostics company and a Division President and Corporate VP for a public bio-technology corporation. In 1999 I left my corporate role to join a firm linked to the Columbia School of Business delivering marketing executive education solutions for corporate clients. I then founded a new firm to bring a deeper focus on improving the ability of organizations to formulate and execute market strategies.
For almost ten years I utilized the first generation of a web based marketing survey developed by Dr. Roger Best to provide some information regarding the state of a company’s marketing organization. My clients for this survey included many of the leading global technology and life sciences corporations. We conducted/developed/delivered/interpreted more than 10,000 competency assessments of marketing personnel globally. These assessments covered both B2B & B2C environments and provided us insights regarding what the survey provided and what it left out.

We realized that the first generation approach to assessing marketing capabilities had significant issues. In 2010, I hired my former client who was the global head of marketing workforce development for Hewlett Packard to work with me in the development of a new approach & tool for assessing marketing capabilities at the individual & organizational levels which became the MRD. His strong background in learning & development working across a complex global organization and his experience deploying commercially available and internally developed assessments provided great value.

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