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Why assess with the Marketing Orientation Diagnostic?

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[acc_item title=”Capture and assess the organization’s perspective regarding key business practices.”]

  • Ensure that perspective is comprehensive but specific.
  • Establish a shared understanding of key marketing capabilities and practices.

[acc_item title=”Incorporate and assess organizational cultural factors that impact marketing effectiveness.”]

  • Identify dimensions that can be observed by participants but are owned by leadership.
  • Determine processes and systems that impact practices and results.

[acc_item title=”The assessment is designed around the current climate and individuals’ potential concerns.”]

  • Reinforce the focus on the ‘organization’ and not the individual.
  • Provide an assessment vehicle to capture broad perspective.

[acc_item title=”Generate results that can be leveraged.”]

  • Gain a stronger organizational market orientation.
  • Begin to identify and develop individual marketing competencies and organizational capabilities.




Market Orientation Diagnostic Overview Brochure