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Measuring utilization, effectiveness, quality

The Go To Market Diagnostic is a state-of-the-art Cloud-based assessment that provides rapid feedback on the utility of marketing materials sales personnel are provided. The assessment reports on three (3) sales enablement categories and eight (8) related “sales enablement” dimensions:

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1. Frequency: How often is the marketing content deployed?
2. Accessibility: How readily available is it?

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3. Message Context: Are the messages appropriate?
4. Evidence of Value: How relevant is it?
5. Customer Pain Points: Is the focus where it needs to be?

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6. Tools Provided: Are they easy to use and compelling?
7. Integration: Are the tools part of a cohesive and targeted
8. Value Proposition: Do the tools facilitate the
communication of the whole company’s unique value?

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• Marketing Category/Segment Teams
• Business Intelligence/Analysis
• Marketing Communications
• Marketing Operations



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